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"You're a really interesting girl :)" - Anonymous

i don’t know what lead you to think that, but thank you :D

"How beautiful to find a heart that loves you, without asking you for anything, but to be okay." Gibran Khalil Gibran (via kvtes)

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"Walk in the rain,
smell flowers,
stop along the way,
build sandcastles,
go on field trips,
find out how things work,
tell stories,
say the magic words,
trust the universe."
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I could never fall in love with anyone else,
but with you I can’t get enough.

I love being in love with you.

L.G. (via introv-erted)

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"That’s why she’s in love with you, you know… There were a lot of other boys, but they didn’t scare her. She rather frightened them, I think. You’re very different. But I think you frightened her, and that’s why she likes you." Aurelia Plath, Sylvia (via mythofdevotion)

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"The best smell in the world is that man that you love." Jennifer Aniston (via thespiritualslut)

"I am a brutally soft woman." Nayyirah Waheed (via liquidlightandrunningtrees)

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